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Are you training for division 1 sports, professional, or just to perform better? You’ve accomplished amazing strides, it’s now time to take it to the next level. Your improvements are important and we take your performance training seriously. As the key movements needed for your performance enhancement are recorded, analyzed, and adjusted, you will see your improvements develop into habit for internalization. You come out with reduced risk of injury, awareness of change, more confidence, and the ability to perform at a higher level than you have before.


To perform at a higher level you must push yourself with the right type of exercises. Intensity, work to rest ratio, efficient recovery techniques, and a plan of action that periodizes your workouts for growth.


Building optimal performance requires nutrition that rebuilds the muscle breakdown from efficient work. I will guide you through the right nutritional balance for peak performance whether you’re getting ready for an event or just want to perform better for daily life.


You’ve been here before, you’re either a Phoenix, rising again to become better, or you’re a Thoroughbred and just needs that extra guidance and push in the right direction. You and I will talk about your current behaviors, limiting factors, and find your superpowers (what your strong points are) that will not only improve you, you will maintain high performance.

  • "I am a committed athlete who has trained with Clifton over four years. He has an expertise I have not found in any other trainer. When he left our area, I knew not only would his talent be difficult to replace but our relationship molded through his professionalism is one I will always hold close. From me, you will only hear the absolute highest of praise."

    Stacy C
  • "Many trainers will promise you many things, but few will see you to those goals. Clifton went far beyond his promises. He transformed my body, and because of his training I was named first team all-league Wide Receiver at Cornell University my junior year. My speed and power increased, and I suffered no injuries. As a 1st Division Athlete, I can tell you, Clifton made the difference. I know he will for you too. Make the smart choice. I Did.”

    Jonathan Amoona Division 1 Athlete
  • "Clifton is a very supportive coach, but makes you push yourself really hard to achieve your goals. It is almost as though your goals are his goals and he is equally invested in reaching them. He is always accessible for moral support and additional explanations. He also is constantly giving feedback on my progress which helps me to push harder. Very importantly he is extremely flexible which helps enable me to work out and make it work with my schedule. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get into or get back into shape."

    CJ. P





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