Born and raised in New York, I had a passion from a young age for physical fitness. I developed skills in basketball, baseball, track, wrestling, and martial arts throughout the years. Through hard work and dedication I learned there should never be a limit on your potential to achieve. Since then I started focusing on identifying my weaknesses and turning them into my strengths, I began focusing on the quality of my efforts rather than how much I can accomplish and that’s when I started noticing real change and began implementing that same strategy to enhance clients and have been successful at it since 2001.

The comprehensive evaluation, my knack for empathizing with the client, my knowledge and experience in developing programs for busy executives, athletes, aesthetics, corrective exercise, and habit based nutrition makes my approach personable for I can communicate with my clients based on how they learn and motivate without the typical “drill sergeant” way of training. This makes the workouts knowledgeable, enjoyable, and progressive. I am no stranger to working in conjunction with Doctors and Physical Therapists to get patients back on track to a more fulfilling life or getting the athlete to perform at a more optimal level; it doesn’t matter if you’re the busy executive or looking for a great trainer from across the state.


  • ACSM – Certified Personal Trainer (American College of Sports Medicine)
  • NASM – Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sport Medicine)
  • KBCMNS – Metabolic and Neurological Adaptation Specialist (Kettlebell Concepts)
  • YFS – Youth Fitness Specialist (International Youth Fitness Association)
  • PN1 – Sports Nutrition Specialist (Precision Nutrition)
  • BLS – Basic Life Support (American Heart Association)
  • Shihan – 6th Degree Black Belt (Shinobi-no-jutsu)





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