What it really takes to lose body fat!

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Some things are simpler than others, fat loss can go either way depending on your thought process and resolve but can be simple if you follow a few key steps. All it takes is mindset, direction and consistency.

One of the major things I’m asked about fat loss is, “how do I jumpstart fat loss”. The first thing I ask is, “are you willing to be consistent with better eating”. The response I typically get is, “I don’t want to give up carbs or alcohol”. Then we have to reevaluate what they really want and there “why”. If there is no willing to change, you can’t expect change. It’s not even about giving up the carbs or alcohol, it’s about the mindset that’s present. I want this but I don’t want to do that.

If I told you I have a way to get you to lose body fat and weight every week but you have to follow exactly what I tell you and you’re guaranteed the change, would you follow it? Reaching your goals are only as strong as your “why”. Once you know why you are doing it and keep that as your driving force then the verbiage of “I don’t’ want to give up carbs or alcohol” slowly goes away.

1) Know why you are doing what you set out to do. I want to lose fat is a good goal, but why do you want to lose fat, does it make you “feel” a certain way? Do you want to look a certain way by a certain time? Do you want to feel confident about yourself? or do you want to feel more attractive? These are deeper questions to ask yourself to help get to that “Why”.

2) Be Willing, Ready, and Able. Are you Willing to put your beliefs aside and push through different ways of doing things to achieve your goals? Are you Ready to make changes that will positively impact the rest of your life not just get you to fat loss? Are you Able to put aside time and invest in that particular goal?

3) When you know something works, keep doing it! If someone gave you a tip to lose weight, you are willing, ready, and able to do it and notice you have seen some results for the first few weeks, keep doing it. Don’t go back. If you keep doing what you been doing you will keep getting what you always got. If you go back to something that didn’t help you such as eating a certain food, make an excuse on why you didn’t hit the gym that night, or decide that even though you made a change that worked it’s ok to stray for a while understand that your results will go back to what you had before.

Here are 3 physical things you can do to jumpstart that fat loss:

1) Eat high nutritional value foods and stay away from processed foods

2) Keep insulin levels low by reducing that amount of times you eat starchy carbs throughout the day

3) Exert more energy DAILY than the amount of calories you intake

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