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You’re busy and we get that! We provide individualized performance programming for busy executives who have short amounts of time. We understand your schedule can be hectic, stressful, and depleting of energy. That is why our executive training program i s designed for your convenience and optimal performance. We work with your schedule to ensure you can safely and optimally reach your goals while at the same time focusing on behavioral control for improved work productivity.


Exercises are short, efficient, HIIT to achieve the goal in an efficient matter. You and I work on scheduling for training, prioritizing your needs with respect of your professional work


Personalized nutrition timing, scheduling, and what your body needs to perform whether you are in office or away on a business trip.


It’s what we do which define who we are. Focus on the limiting factors and triggers that slow performance throughout the day. Learn to interpret, and adjust behavior to perform better no matter the circumstances.

  • "Before training with Clifton I couldn't walk up the stairs in my house without breathing hard. As a business owner with a difficult schedule it was hard to schedule in proper time for eating and exercise. Within 7 months of beginning training with Clifton I have lost 70 lbs. completed a half marathon, and played on a softball team in the summer. Clifton's knowledge, and guidance has changed my life. Thank you Clifton!"

    Aaron Kuney Business Owner
  • “Clifton is by far the best trainer I've worked with and that says a lot considering I've been working out with trainers for more than 10 years. Clifton will work with you to achieve your goals not only from and exercise and fitness standpoint, but also from a nutritional point of view.  My suggestion for people who really want to be successful is that they are honest with themselves and Clifton about their progress, both food and fitness.”

    Julie Hibbard Executive Manager
  • “As a personal trainer myself, I appreciate Clifton’s gifts. His own physical and spiritual health radiates balance and tranquility, a steadiness that translates into motivation when working with his clients. I have enjoyed working with Clifton at various seminars, and tapped into his vast knowledge during interviews on my radio show. Clifton Palmer is exceptionally gifted at identifying and garnering inner strength, a skill he uses with everyone he encounters. He is a model for other trainers who struggle with learning how to inspire their clients. This sense, combined with his understanding of the human body, movement, and exercise are Clifton’s talents.”

    Jordana Kagan Fitness Professional





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