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Do you have any pain or injury that has prevented you from attaining your physical goals? Are you in the process of completing rehabilitation? Pain can make it difficult to exercise and often it does not go away because typically the symptoms are treated. With the proper support, planning, and incremental adjustments, you will see and feel improvements that are tracked so we can measure your growth. We can communicate with your doctor or therapist post injury to make sure we are on the right path to getting you back on track. We don’t work around your injuries, we address it to develop a stronger more efficient body while decreasing pain.


After analyzing movements, interpreting data, we develop a program specific to your needs which include exercise, myofascial release, flexibility, working on muscle balance and correcting asymmetry.


Whether you’re recovering from pain or post rehab, nutrition plays a vital role in how fast you recover. I want to make sure you are on track with your goals no matter what. Proper planning for nutrition may also result in a speedier recovery.


We need to understand our patterns and behavior in order to make adjustments to attain our goals and maintain them. I work closely with you to find and understand the behaviors that will help you feel and perform better.

  • "After my 3rd child was born, I had some bad blood sugar results and chronic neck pain. My doctor suggested weight training etc etc etc, but I couldn't really figure out how to work, juggle the babies and learn to actually lift weight safely. I found Clifton through a good friend, and after 6 weeks I have "NO" pain. I'm stronger than I've ever been, and I love that he has taught me how to work out safely from home"

    Kate Furgeson
  • "Clifton helped me lose weight when I got married.  He also helped me lose 27 lbs after I had my daughter.  His workout routines are never boring and always challenging.  My energy level has increased.  I have arthritis from sports injuries and working with Clifton helped to minimize the pain.  Before training with him I was constantly going to an orthopedic doctor for various issues.  After training with him I have not been back since.   Even though I'm in New York, he still trains me efficiently online."

    Julia Calypso New York/ Post Natal
  • "When I first began training with Clifton I had received a lung cancer diagnosis. I underwent two major surgeries to remove several malignant tumors and had lost 40% of my respiratory endurance from two lobe re-sections. At 66 years of age, after working with Clifton, my strength and flexibility have improved dramatically as has my balance, which was significantly reduced after my surgeries. In addition, my respiratory endurance is so improved that my oxygen level is consistently 100%. I have no doubt that Clifton has been instrumental in helping me reach these goals."

    Judy Mills Post Rehab





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