My Approach

You can’t make it to me? No worries, I can still accommodate you through remote training. It doesn’t matter where you are, your training is still taken seriously. We are connected daily through a fitness portal with the same personal touch as in person training. Like every other service I provide, it all begins with a comprehensive assessment to understand your needs, limiting factors, and goals. I then program your nutrition, exercise, and behavioral training for goal attainment based on your assessment results.


Training will be delivered through skype, google-hangouts, or email. As I analyze your exercises through skype or recorded video, movements are adjusted and video exercises are sent to you for better understanding of each exercise.


Habit based nutrition is delivered through an online portal. We communicate through the portal daily to develop the habits necessary for fat loss, better health, performance, and longevity.


Behaviors are discussed and analyzed. Good habits are developed to keep you onthe right track to reach your goals and maintain it beyond our training schedule.

  • "I just wanted to let you know that my shoulder is way better and I think that stretching my Pectoral muscles and the whole ventral part of my shoulder and upper part of my trapezius muscles led to the breakthrough :)) Thanks again for your help and the videos!"

    Dr. Houpand Horoufchin from Germany
  • "Clifton helped me lose weight when I got married.  He also helped me lose 27 lbs after I had my daughter.  His workout routines are never boring and always challenging.  My energy level has increased.  I have arthritis from sports injuries and working with Clifton helped to minimize the pain.  Before training with him I was constantly going to an orthopedic doctor for various issues.  After training with him I have not been back since.   Even though I'm in New York, he still trains me efficiently online."

    Julia Calypso New York/ Post Natal
  • "Best trainer I've ever worked with! Very experienced, great systems in place, helps with diet and healthy habits advice. Simply Amazing!"

    Allan Grant California / C.E.O





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